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We know the private international finance market and the products available to do things traditional banks cannot. Traditional banks can be VERY limited when it comes to international business. 

There are only a few serious trade finance companies in the world and they all have different strengths, structures, and capabilities. 

  • We listen to your problems and potential transactions

  • We determine if there is a solution in the private finance market

  • We package your deal for a warm introduction to lenders

  • We advocate throughout the underwriting process

  • We get transactions done


U.S. Short-term Exports Overseas

Financing U.S. Exporters for  transactions that take under 120 days to turn over

Example: U.S. company sells widgets to foreign company who demands 90 days to pay back

Foreign Imports for Medium Term

Financing Foreign Importers of US products that take over 180 days to turn over

Example: Financing a foreign hospital to purchase  medical equipment from a U.S. manufacturer. Foreign hospital pays 15% percent down and pays lender over a 5 year term.

U.S. Imports of Foreign products

Financing U.S. importers of foreign goods for their supply chain

Example: Lender purchases foreign parts for U.S. manufacturer to include in supply chain. U.S. manufacturer pays back lender within 60-120 days. 


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