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Act 20 & Act 22 in Puerto Rico

Plug Finance Hub Act 20 & Act 22 Consulting division offers one on one expertise with a trade finance  expert that is practical and tailored to your specific aspirations in Puerto Rico. Our consultants are professionals that have hands on experience with getting approval decrees smoothly.  In addition, obtaining an approval decree is one step, but keeping the approval decree is where having proper expertise matters. Each year, Puerto Rico requests annual reports to check the status of the approval decrees and match results to the application. Applications that are not properly planned and vetted can fail to meet expectations at the time of annual reporting. 

There is a lot of potential for crypto currency professionals to save on taxes in Puerto Rico, however solutions are not one size fits all. In addition, applications for Act 20 & Act 22 are specific and demanding, a proper presentation is key to success. 

We pride ourselves on frank and honest assessments. We will also tell you when you are not ready to take advantage and comply with expectations of Act 20 & Act 22 designation.

We know this business. 


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1. File for Business in Puerto Rico

2. Advise on Criminal Background Check

3. Manage Document Requests and Evidence Prepraration

4. File Act 20 for Business

5. File Act 22 for Individual

During Process

1. Act 20 (This is for business tax) 4-6 Months (Government Processing Time)

2. Act 22 (Individual) 2-4 Months (Government Processing Time)

annual  reporting

Provide feedback memo for compliance instructions after the decree approval is granted.

1. Obtaining Employees

2. Purchasing Property

3. Remaining in Puerto Rico most of the year


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