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Plug Finance Hub Consulting division offers one on one expertise with a trade finance  expert that is practical and tailored to your specific aspirations. Our consultants are professionals that have hands on experience with getting deals DONE. There are a lot of potential avenues to obtain financing for exports and overseas business activities, however solutions are not one size fits all. In addition, applications for trade financing are specific and demanding, a proper presentation is key to success. 

We pride ourselves on frank and honest assessments. We will also tell you when your business is not ready to take advantage of procurement contracts.

Our consulting services can be useful for companies that are interested in taking the first step towards obtaining financing  but want coaching before making a commitment to the process. Our services can also be helpful for businesses that just want to see if they have bankable projects. 

We know this business. 


To begin a consultation please fill out the form below and we will contact you to schedule a call. Pre-screening consultations are $200 USD and invoiced  prior to call/meeting. 




We can walk through your opportunities to help you determine the strength of your potential business deals domestic and overseas. We can  evaluate your opportunities with the same perspective as potential lenders and partners. 

Business DevelopmeNT

These deliverables are tailored for businesses that do not already have a buyer, a gap in supply chain, and may need help with logistics. We will work with you to locate markets and partners, find suppliers, close gaps in the supply chain, and  much more. 

Contacts & PArtners

Many times you just need to know the right person to get things done. 



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